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NDC is a non-profit organization working towards creating a vibrant and inclusive community in downtown Newberg. We strive to promote local businesses, services, entertainment, and events, while maintaining the unique charm and character of our downtown area. Our dedicated team is committed to making downtown Newberg a destination for all, and we invite you to be a part of our community-building efforts.


At NDC, we organize and facilitate a variety of community events and initiatives throughout the year. Our events include Downtown Cleanups, First Friday ARTwalk, the Newberg Wednesday Market, and the Holiday Market. We also work closely with local businesses and organizations to support and promote their services and products. Through our efforts, we aim to create a thriving and sustainable downtown community that benefits residents, visitors, and businesses alike.

Meet the NDC Board

The members of the NDC Board are all people with a stake in our community, whether they own businesses, do business, live here, or all of the above, they guide the NDC's mission and vision for Downtown Newberg's future.


Aubrey Nichols | Executive Director 

Restaurant Owner

Jennifer Sitter | Merchant Committee Chair

Business owner

Molly Olson | Board President 

Retired Intel Director

Terry Emery | Board Treasurer

Beautification Committee Chair, CPA

Rob Felton 

George Fox University, Chief of Staff

Tina Smith


Kristen Kidney 

Business Owner

Michael Griffiths

Restaurant Owner

Elise Yarnell Hollamon

City Councilor- District 1

Loni Parrish

Business Owner, Beautification Committee

Kaytlin Ebora

Business Owner

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