Newsletter July 2016



Getting to Know Your Neighbors.

Three years ago this June, Ashley Lippard and Jennifer Sitter decided to join forces, share their vision, energy, and talents and open Pulp & Circumstance, a small boutique gift shop in a remodeled old Victorian building on the corner of 2nd and College Streets, right across from The Painted Lady restaurant.

Ashley is one busy lady and when I caught up with her she was trying to eat lunch, answer the telephone, wait on customers, do some design work and maybe some stock work all while talking to me.  Ashley is a native of the “Big Windy,” that toddling town of Chicago where she and her two siblings grew up, went to school and graduated from college. Her father is a pastor who was receiving his doctorate from George Fox University.

After looking at the design, layout and how well appointed the decor and color palette is of Pulp and Circumstance it’s no surprise to learn Ashley has a degree in graphic design and is a little OCD with color. Ashley got her start in the field of design as a child, much to her family’s amusement, by amassing a collection of some 3,000 business cards, studying them and arranging them by color and design. I wonder where that collection is now.

When she and her husband decided to leave Chicago so they would be able to raise a family in a more family-friendly environment (no more 100 hour work weeks!) their first choices were Denver, Seattle, or Portland. We are delighted they made the decision to relocate here in Newberg. They now have two children, a 100-year-old house and one fluffy dog. Ashley did go through a bit of a culture shock when first coming from the noisy and constantly busy roar of the “on the go” city life of Chicago. She needed a couple of years to adjust to
the quieter and less stressful life in Oregon.

Because of their close friendship and business partnership, Ashley and Jennifer are often mistaken as being related, possibly a sister or maybe a fraternal twin. I’ll have to get all of them together and see for myself.

Old Fashioned Festival Christmas in July
Newberg’s Old Fashioned Day Parade 2016

Be ready to roll out the welcome mat because Newberg will be hosting a 9-person delegation from Newberg’s sister city of Polsdorf, Austria for a cultural exchange. The delegation will participate in Newberg’s Old Fashioned Day celebrations July 28-31. Our Austrian guests will be arriving very late in the evening on July 28 and leaving very early in the morning August 5. The Burgermeister (Mayor), 2 of their city counselors, 2 winery owners, and an education specialist will be among the group. If you would like to be part of the cultural experience you are invited to attend the Old Fashioned Day Saturday parade and watch as they are introduced on stage at Memorial Park. I’m sure you would love to talk to them, but unless you speak German you might have a bit of a communication problem. After that they will be on stage and introduced again at the Brews & BBQ. Sunday morning they will be guests at the Rotary pancake breakfast in Memorial Park. Our guests will be easy to spot as they will be wearing their traditional garb of dirndl skirts for the ladies and lederhosen for the men. George Fox University, The Allison Hotel, and members of the various committees will be housing and hosting our guests, taking them on tours to the ocean, the Columbia River Gorge, a rodeo, and generally showing them as much as possible of Oregon during their short stay.

Do you have an hour or two or three a month, or maybe a
week to spare? Do you have talents to share or know someone who
has unused talents and loves to volunteer? Newberg Downtown
Coalition could use you! In fact, there is enough work to occupy many
volunteers. Call or email Mike Ragsdale, executive director of the
Newberg Downtown Coalition. He will gladly put your talents and energy
to good use.503-537-1010 /