Downtown Color Palette

Offbeat Green SW6706 Verdant SW6713 Inverness SW6433
Forestwood SW7730 Butter Up SW6681 Bee’s Wax SW7682
Tiger Eye SW6362 Earthen Jug SW7703 St. Bart’s SW7614
Loch Blue SW6502 Chateau Brown SW7510 Tricorn Black SW6258
Pennywise SW6349 Show Stopper SW7588 Wild Current SW7583
Blackberry SW7577 Dewberry SW6552 Concord Grape SW6559
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A subcommittee of the Newberg Downtown Coalition Design Committee developed this suggested color palette as an aid for downtown merchants and building owners looking to paint or renovate their building facades. Our intention is to create a harmonious look between downtown buildings that will be aesthetically pleasing.

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