Market Research

Newberg Downtown Retail Survey

In fall 2010, a George Fox University undergraduate marketing research class taught by Dr. Alan Kluge conducted survey research to help the Newberg Downtown Coalition identify and better understand unfilled needs for retail business in downtown Newberg.

The class was divided into four teams each assigned a different market segment to investigate. An executive sponsor was assigned to each team by the Downtown Newberg Coalition, a person to serve as a mentor and resource. The four market segments examined were: business owners, George Fox University students, shoppers in downtown Newberg, and visitors to the Newberg area. Each team conducted primary survey research of its assigned market segment.

Executive summary

  • Traffic and availability of parking were recurring themes. People found the volume of traffic through downtown to be a deterrent, as too was the lack of convenient parking.
  • Students expressed a desire for businesses that remain open later at night, businesses that provide food and forms of entertainment.
  • The greatest demand for dining was for family‐style restaurants.
  • While people did not appear to support bringing additional fast food restaurants to Newberg, students would like to see existing fast food restaurants now at the east end of Newberg located within walking distance of campus.
  • Two specific recurring requests were for a Trader Joe’s or similar specialty grocery store, and for a bakery.
  • The existence of non‐retail storefronts in the downtown core, specifically professional services offices, was discovered to detract from Newberg’s appeal as a retail destination. A greater concentration of retail businesses would improve the likelihood of people shopping downtown.

The full report is available Newberg Downtown Market Analysis. (PDF)

During spring semester 2011 plans are for two different classes to continue this research making use of the findings generated this semester.  The two
classes, both taught by Dr. Justine Haigh, are an undergraduate class in marketing communications and an MBA class in market research.